Organizational Structure Composition of the Committee

Annual Report on Intellectual Property Protection Enforcement in Korea

Government members, with the Prime Minister as the co-chair, the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Science and ICT, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Minister of Health and Welfare, the Minister of SMEs and Startups; There are 13 people, including the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission, the Director of the National Intelligence Service, and the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Civilian Members

Civilian members, 21 including a Civilian expert as Co-Chairperson, are appointed by the President from among those who have considerable knowledge and experience in IP.

Expert committee

For efficient operation and professional review of the agenda of the Council, Expert Committees, and Special Expert Committees are established under the main Council.
  1. Expert Committees

    Expert preliminary review of the meeting agenda of the Council; and Agenda setting work for shaping major governmental policies for intellectual property. Expert Committees are composed of private experts.

    * Five Expert Committees are responsible for the creation, protection, utilization, infrastructure of IP, and new IP respectively. (Each committee is composed of 15 expert members)

  2. Special Expert Committees

    Expert review of urgent and important pending issues. Special Expert Committees are formed for a set period of time.

    * As of 2021, one special expert committee is in operation to follow up on artificial intelligence-related IP issues and proactively respond to new IP issues.

Office of IP Strategy and Planning

The Office of IP Strategy and Planning has been established to support the business of the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property. It provides the following services.

  1. Support of the business of the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property
  2. Preparation, review, consultation and coordination of the agenda items for the Council
  3. Support, consultation and coordination for the formulation of the national intellectual property basic plan (strategic plan) and its action plans (executive plans)
  4. Promotion and support of study and research on intellectual property
  5. Public relations and external cooperation for the business of the Council